Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stylish Girls Clothes for $10, JUNE 2009

Do not sacrifice style to save money! These terrible economic times are no excuse. Awesome deals, all for $10 or less are on line and in the stores NOW!

Check out this board for the latest and greatest deals for girl’s clothes – ages 6 – 17 years old. All clothes posted will be $10 or less. Are you a styling girl that wants to save $$? Are you a busy Mom that needs someone to do the leg work? This blog is for YOU!

Create your outfits from a neutral base, they are more sophisticated this way. White, heather grey, khaki, and denim are key neutrals to start building your outfit. Then pop in a color. These picks are stylish, sophiscated and timeless – with a touch of trend. They will carry you through a few seasons, and they will not be super-trendy nor show your belly. These girls have class!

The Children’s Place is the place to go for deals on denim under $10, some shown here. Jeans here are $8, unbelievable! They are having a MONSTER sale right now and there's tons of other great stuff, and lots of prints.

Walmart has some great deals in their Faded Glory line. A super cute ruffle skirt for $4, wow! The Capri leggings on this board are from Walmart too. Not loving the rest of the kid’s lines. They also have a great smocked knit ruffle dress not shown here. Girl’s shorts start at $5. Walmart definitely has some great deals, but personally I find much of the design to be in poor taste and much of it is inappropriate.

Loving the crochet bib tank from The Gap for only $8, shown here in white - see their website and in stores for more cols. The khaki cuff tab short with the self waist tie is also The Gap, love it! Definitely check out the $8 graphic tee's on sale there too! Presently Gap is having an up to 40% off sale, nice!

Old Navy has a lot on sale right now, just about all of their swim suits are $10 or less – best prices on swim I’ve seen. The empire v-nk tank shown in yellow on the board, for $10 comes in other cols too. The printed grey hoodie is an awesome deal for $10. Check out the main page for girls on their website, there is a tab for $10 and under items – Love Love Love that!

The flip flops and sneaker are both from Target, I always find great inexpensive shoes in their stores – and online too! I’ve been buying shoes there for my kids for 7 years. Their toddler lines for both girls and boys ROCK, but their 6-17 girls’ lines are hit or miss. You can definitely find good stuff there, but much of it is character driven – with Camp Rock and Hannah Montana – I’m not knocking these movie stars, my daughter LOVES them – BUT please don’t plaster them all over your T’s.

Accessories shown here are from Forever 21 and Kohl’s. The silver bangles are from Kohl’s, and there is a ton of other great low priced styling jewelry from them so check it out! Forever 21, clothing sizes are on the bigger side but check out their accessories & jewelry, it’s fantastic...they also have a few eco bags for $1.50 - Nice!! The charm bracelet and wallet are from Forever 21.

Please refer to the menu bar to post your comments and leave ideas for great new deals UNDER $10.

Cheers to girls with taste that save money!

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