Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello Stylish Girls who save money!! August is back to school. There are still a lot of summer sales out there, but we're talking about fall now... and we're doing it again, finding great classy steals and deals for $10 or less!!!

Jewel tone colors are happening, charcoal greys, buffalo plaids are hot, touches of metallic..

The Faded Glory line at Walmart continues to produce great girls clothing at excellent prices! the 3-fer hoodie dress with a plaid skirt for $10, and the pink and black buffalo plaid skirt at the bottom of the board also for $10 sold with a pair of black leggings - LOVE. Still not loving the other Walmart lines which are often inappropriate for classy young girls, and there is way to much promotional apparel - with movie branded back backs, TV show pajamas, Movie T-shirts.. junky junky junky! Please Walmart give us some style, these girls are classy! Inexpensive clothing does not have to be trashy.

Target has a TON of great under $10 steals, as always. The classic denim jean on the board is from Target for $7, the vest 2-fer graphic T-shirt for $10, the grey cardigan also comes in black fro $10, the metallic silver quilted shoe is $10 and the black jeweled shoe is $5.24, WOW!! The turquoise tunic with pockets is $10, and the burn out sleeveless top is $4.98. Target has a ton of back to school items, and school uniform stuff right now. Check out Target !!! I always hesitate with target accessories as they usually are plastered with pop stars.

Once again Forever 21 wins the accessories prize, soooo many accessories for under $10 I could not possibly list them all here. Definitely check out their site! Shown here on the board is a charm necklace for $4.80, a crochet Beret for $9 in mustard - which also comes in turquoise, black, and grey on their site. Nail stickers for $1.80, silver bangles for $4.80, plaid hairbands for $3.80, buffalo plaid scarf for $6.80 also comes in turquoise & white and other patterns too, rhinestone sunglasses for $10, a bobble ring for $5.80, fancy bobby pins for $5.80.....and so much more on their website. Check it out!! Forever 21 also has a free shipping icon on their website if you purchase more than $75 worth of merchandise.

Dance? Ballet? Stylish girls, check out Kohls - black leotards for $10, they have pink too. Kohl's gets a special recommendation in this posting, for their "Kohl's cares for Kids" program. This is a small collection of mostly gift items where 100% of the profits support health and education opportunities for children nationwide.

Disappointed with The Gap and Old Navy right now, with just a handful of sale items - all summer leftovers. Was unable to find much of anything for under $10 from either of them. That goes for The Children's Boutique too, a small selection of leftover summer product and all of their Fall stuff is still at full price and none are under $10. Not to fret, check out the stuff on this board, along with Target, Faded Glory at Walmart, Forever 21 for accessories, and Kohl's.

Start out with a neutral base, work in some turquoise jewel tone colors for tops, and a pop of mustard. Loving a little sparkle, with metallics and a small touch of rhinestones or studs, and buffalo plaid is a must have!

Cheers to girls with Style that watch their pocket books!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It’s hard to think of back to school in mid July, but the back to school clothes are starting to come out! So, here are some great steals and deals for you girls out there that are watching your pocketbooks. Keep it stylish!!
The Children’s Place has $10 backpacks and messenger bags – 2 are shown here on the board, they have many more on their website and in stores. I’ve done a lot of price comparisons and they have the best price on backpacks right now. The purple and orange wallet is from The Children’s Place, on sale for $3. They also continue to have an excellent sale on right now, with an additional 40% off on sale items – definitely check them out!!
Target is a great place to shop for Back to School, either online or in stores! The black Mary Jane shoes are only $10, found some nice metallic ballet flats for $10 too not shown on the board. Target has a ton of great back packs too – check out the lunch bag on the board for $10. Target also has some styling notebooks, and a slew of low priced school supplies. The notebook on the board is Target for $10, cute bird print. The navy bow headband on the board is also Target, as are the Paul Frank socks a 3 pack for $10, nice! The raspberry rushed top with inset is also Target, cute! A classic school uniform shirt in navy with white buttons, has a little ruffle along the placket, fresh and stylish, only $8! Target also has a ton of School Uniform product out already, skirts and shorts are $10 not shown on the board.
Check out the Faded Glory line at Walmart for some stylish Girls clothes, much of the other stuff is too character or poor quality. Love the Faded Glory flare jeans on the board for $10, and the denim flip skirt also $10. The pink fleece hoodie is a great deal for $8! The purple shirt shown on the board with the rushing, colorful buttons and rainbow stitching is a great novelty top from Walmart!
Sears is a great place to shop to save money and you can find some stylish items too. The stripe drape cardigan is only $6 and comes in 4 stripe combos, check out their site. The stone color twill pants are $10 and have cute little zipper pockets.
Loving the graphic T’s at Old Navy, one shown here on the board – they are all pretty much $6, a great deal.
Denim is a perfect Fall classic, keep it dark indigo. Navy, stone, heather grey and khaki are great neutrals to work your outfit. Pop in purples, raspberry’s and hot pink.
Cheers to girls with style that watch their wallets!!!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello classy Girls with Style that watch their wallets. Here's the latest scoop on stylish steals and deals for Girls for $10 or less:
Target has some super summer savings right now, check out the pink moccasins for $8, wow! And the green swing trench coat for $10. The girls white sailor bermuda shorts $ 9 on the board also come in navy with a white dot, super cute! Love this pink ruffle neck printed dress for $10, what a great price! The Kids Target Accessories are often character (Hanna Montana, Bratz and Camp Rock), but found this cute gold bangle for $5 and belts also on this board for $3.98, and you can always find some great low priced womens' accessories there that translate nicely for girls.
You must visit the
Limited Too immediately for their 40% off clearance sale, it is hot hot hot. Lots of great premium denim, novelty tanks - such as the plaid one on the board, bags - loving the zebra shoulder bag. Graphic T's, such as the heather grey "lets make the world better" T-shirt on the board. They even have a text messenger for $9, wow! Funky sunglasses for $5 some shown on the board here, and check out their site for girls cameras too, great prices.
Old Navy is always a great place to visit for great deals on girls clothes. The cuffed scoop pocket denim short on the board is at Old Navy for $10, love love! The floral embroidered denim capri also $10, and the yoga pant on the board for $8 comes in a bunch of colors. Check out Old Navy for lunch boxes under $10 too, nice price.
The Children's Place has an assortment of back packs for $10, best price out there! They still have a lot of under $10 items, so check them out!
Last but definitely not least, J Crew's
Crewcuts has made it to the blog - with a $6.99 orange T-shirt!! J Crew has a few other under $10 styles on the web, so check them out!!!
Stay stylish girls, build your outfit from neutrals such as denim, white and grey + pop in some orange, pink and green.
Save your money, but don't sacrifice style!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stylish Girls Clothes for $10, July 2nd

Classy and stylish girls, here's the latest:
Don't forget everything in this blog is $10 or LESS! Click "Follow" in the right column to get automatic updates for the latest stylish girls clothes for $10. Postings will be 2x a month, or more frequently (if I can find the time).
The blog entry today is dedicated completely to Target! Check out Target for some great deals right now. Not only are these items shown less than $10 but today you can get free shipping too!!!! click this link.. I want free shipping today from Target!
Loving the white cotton scooter skirt, great for tennis too! The black short sleeve drape cardigan is a steel, it's an awesome price and is a great stylish layer piece. This entire board is from Target - The ruffle skirt with the white edging, the dark denim petal pushers, the raspberry & brown stripe polo.....everything here is a classic with a bit of flair and has a bit of a vintage edge, could even be taken for Ralph Lauren, BUT it's all Target and under $10 ! Unbeliveable! Check it out!
Work from a neutral palette, with the white, heather grey, khaki, navy and denim - and pop in these great raspberry tomato colors.
Styling deals!
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stylish Girls Clothes for $10, JUNE 2009

Do not sacrifice style to save money! These terrible economic times are no excuse. Awesome deals, all for $10 or less are on line and in the stores NOW!

Check out this board for the latest and greatest deals for girl’s clothes – ages 6 – 17 years old. All clothes posted will be $10 or less. Are you a styling girl that wants to save $$? Are you a busy Mom that needs someone to do the leg work? This blog is for YOU!

Create your outfits from a neutral base, they are more sophisticated this way. White, heather grey, khaki, and denim are key neutrals to start building your outfit. Then pop in a color. These picks are stylish, sophiscated and timeless – with a touch of trend. They will carry you through a few seasons, and they will not be super-trendy nor show your belly. These girls have class!

The Children’s Place is the place to go for deals on denim under $10, some shown here. Jeans here are $8, unbelievable! They are having a MONSTER sale right now and there's tons of other great stuff, and lots of prints.

Walmart has some great deals in their Faded Glory line. A super cute ruffle skirt for $4, wow! The Capri leggings on this board are from Walmart too. Not loving the rest of the kid’s lines. They also have a great smocked knit ruffle dress not shown here. Girl’s shorts start at $5. Walmart definitely has some great deals, but personally I find much of the design to be in poor taste and much of it is inappropriate.

Loving the crochet bib tank from The Gap for only $8, shown here in white - see their website and in stores for more cols. The khaki cuff tab short with the self waist tie is also The Gap, love it! Definitely check out the $8 graphic tee's on sale there too! Presently Gap is having an up to 40% off sale, nice!

Old Navy has a lot on sale right now, just about all of their swim suits are $10 or less – best prices on swim I’ve seen. The empire v-nk tank shown in yellow on the board, for $10 comes in other cols too. The printed grey hoodie is an awesome deal for $10. Check out the main page for girls on their website, there is a tab for $10 and under items – Love Love Love that!

The flip flops and sneaker are both from Target, I always find great inexpensive shoes in their stores – and online too! I’ve been buying shoes there for my kids for 7 years. Their toddler lines for both girls and boys ROCK, but their 6-17 girls’ lines are hit or miss. You can definitely find good stuff there, but much of it is character driven – with Camp Rock and Hannah Montana – I’m not knocking these movie stars, my daughter LOVES them – BUT please don’t plaster them all over your T’s.

Accessories shown here are from Forever 21 and Kohl’s. The silver bangles are from Kohl’s, and there is a ton of other great low priced styling jewelry from them so check it out! Forever 21, clothing sizes are on the bigger side but check out their accessories & jewelry, it’s fantastic...they also have a few eco bags for $1.50 - Nice!! The charm bracelet and wallet are from Forever 21.

Please refer to the menu bar to post your comments and leave ideas for great new deals UNDER $10.

Cheers to girls with taste that save money!

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