Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello Stylish Girls who save money!! August is back to school. There are still a lot of summer sales out there, but we're talking about fall now... and we're doing it again, finding great classy steals and deals for $10 or less!!!

Jewel tone colors are happening, charcoal greys, buffalo plaids are hot, touches of metallic..

The Faded Glory line at Walmart continues to produce great girls clothing at excellent prices! the 3-fer hoodie dress with a plaid skirt for $10, and the pink and black buffalo plaid skirt at the bottom of the board also for $10 sold with a pair of black leggings - LOVE. Still not loving the other Walmart lines which are often inappropriate for classy young girls, and there is way to much promotional apparel - with movie branded back backs, TV show pajamas, Movie T-shirts.. junky junky junky! Please Walmart give us some style, these girls are classy! Inexpensive clothing does not have to be trashy.

Target has a TON of great under $10 steals, as always. The classic denim jean on the board is from Target for $7, the vest 2-fer graphic T-shirt for $10, the grey cardigan also comes in black fro $10, the metallic silver quilted shoe is $10 and the black jeweled shoe is $5.24, WOW!! The turquoise tunic with pockets is $10, and the burn out sleeveless top is $4.98. Target has a ton of back to school items, and school uniform stuff right now. Check out Target !!! I always hesitate with target accessories as they usually are plastered with pop stars.

Once again Forever 21 wins the accessories prize, soooo many accessories for under $10 I could not possibly list them all here. Definitely check out their site! Shown here on the board is a charm necklace for $4.80, a crochet Beret for $9 in mustard - which also comes in turquoise, black, and grey on their site. Nail stickers for $1.80, silver bangles for $4.80, plaid hairbands for $3.80, buffalo plaid scarf for $6.80 also comes in turquoise & white and other patterns too, rhinestone sunglasses for $10, a bobble ring for $5.80, fancy bobby pins for $5.80.....and so much more on their website. Check it out!! Forever 21 also has a free shipping icon on their website if you purchase more than $75 worth of merchandise.

Dance? Ballet? Stylish girls, check out Kohls - black leotards for $10, they have pink too. Kohl's gets a special recommendation in this posting, for their "Kohl's cares for Kids" program. This is a small collection of mostly gift items where 100% of the profits support health and education opportunities for children nationwide.

Disappointed with The Gap and Old Navy right now, with just a handful of sale items - all summer leftovers. Was unable to find much of anything for under $10 from either of them. That goes for The Children's Boutique too, a small selection of leftover summer product and all of their Fall stuff is still at full price and none are under $10. Not to fret, check out the stuff on this board, along with Target, Faded Glory at Walmart, Forever 21 for accessories, and Kohl's.

Start out with a neutral base, work in some turquoise jewel tone colors for tops, and a pop of mustard. Loving a little sparkle, with metallics and a small touch of rhinestones or studs, and buffalo plaid is a must have!

Cheers to girls with Style that watch their pocket books!

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